About Us

A long time ago, in my childhood we lived in the jungle of Peru, where I learned from my mother the use of plants to cure different types of diseases, which through time became a hobbie of mine. My mom died and I inherited the knowledge of the botanical and medicinal properties of plants. I found the love of my life at 25 and we got married, we came to California many years ago, where our children grew, now they’re professionals.

After an accident and the excess of inappropriate meals, we both decided to replace our bad habits and start a lifestyle change; we had to replace food, skin care products and makeup that are free of metals and chemicals. We are using the holistic form, no pain medications, no antibiotics, only organic vegetables and fruit, organic supplements and essential oils. We were learning to depend on earth to heal the body.

I spent months discussing what I really wanted to do and what I wanted to do. I thought of my mom often. How could we help women and men who may be trapped in an unhealthy routine that could lead to more illness? How can I incorporate my values inherited and environmental concerns? How to make it easy for people to live a cleaner and less harmful life?

Well, that’s how it started. We think of us, my mom, our friends. I heard stories of how people did not know how to buy vegan or cruelty-free items. I heard how they looked, but they surrendered and because returning to their other products were easier and they did not have to think. I heard how people wanted to make a difference, but I did not know how busy they were with their lives.


QARA started long before the company came into existence. We had been working in different industries for over 25 years, my wife more stable than me and we found ourselves jumping from brand to brand, trying to find the one that suited me. After many promotions, work jumps, climbing and being pushed off the ladder, we still felt empty. We longed to do something that was beyond us. I was not quite sure what that meant, what it seemed or what it was, we dove into books and study subjects that revolved around health, community, activism, meditation, self-reflection, freedom , preservation, entrepreneurship and new times of commerce. It was a way for me to escape the emptiness that I had essentially and discover what it was all about these issues. This continued for many years; the constant learning and self evolution.

Along with the development of products, choosing the name of our new company was the most difficult part! We did not want it to be too long. We did not want a typical name for organic skin care, we wanted something that would reflect our identity and a part of our heritage. QARA means in ancient languages: face, skin, strength; that embodies our spirit of vision and entrepreneurship.