Our products are filled with natural, organic fruits, herbs and vegetables grown in harmony with the earth The plants are harvested at the peak of the season to ensure the nutrients remain in their most potent form.

As the largest organ in your body, skin is your first line of defense against sun, pollution, wind, stress and germs. However, your skin cannot differentiate between good and bad chemicals. It indiscriminately absorbs whatever chemicals you slather on your face and body. By choosing eco-friendly, natural organic body care products, you know that your skin is absorbing products rooted in nature and simply prepared by hand, with in the highest quality with the least chemical processes. Rashes, irritations and allergic reactions are minimized because ingredients are pure and natural.

In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, sufficient sleep and plenty of water, your skin requires a daily regime that helps it regenerate and combat both internal and external factors. Eating natural and organic foods is healthier as is the use of natural and organic personal care products.

Safety is of utmost importance when we select our natural and organic skin care formulations. Our labs are focused on bringing to market effective, clean, non-toxic skin care – products deserving of your brand.

The following is a summary of key ingredients deemed as unacceptable for our natural and organic skin care products.

• NO Petrochemicals (including paraffin, petrolatum & mineral oils)

• NO Parabens – petrochemicals that are estrogenic, carcinogenic & allergenic

• NO Artificial Colorants

• NO Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates

• NO Animal Testing

• NO Triclosan – found in a lot of antimicrobial soaps and toothpaste products, it can react with chlorine in the tap water to create chloroform.

• NO DMDM Hydantoin/Diazonial Urea – strong irritant, releases formaldehyde, toxic


• NO TEA, DEA, MEA – chemical used as a thickening agent in cosmetics, highly toxic to the skin, immune & respiratory systems

• NO Benzoyl Peroxide – chemical bleaching agent used in acne treatments, bar soap, facial cleansers, hair dyes & food additives; highly toxic & irrititing to the skin

• NO Dioxin – powerful hormone disrupting chemical linked to cancer, nervous system disorders, miscarriages & birth deformity. stored in fat cells, contained in sulfates that provide foaming action

• NO Phthalates

• NO Methylisothiazolineone – strong chemical substance used as a preservative in many skin care products. It has been shown to cause allergic reactions.